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I really like this camp! It is very cool!
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I was very happy during this camp!
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I really liked this camp and hope I will be going next year as well.
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This is the best camp in the whole world!
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"Tiešām, tie ir tie cilvēki, kuriem es uzticos, kur es zinu, ka viss būs organizēts tā, kā vajag!" - stāsta Martas D. mamma

"Man nav bail, ka kāds par mani smiesies - mājīga un draudzīga atmosfēra." - stāsta Anna H. un Evelīna K.

"Pārliecība var rasties tikai tajā brīdī, kad jautājumu vairāk nebūs!" - stāsta Martas D. mamma

"Iedomājieties nedēļu ilgu mācīšanos un izklaidi - izmaksas ir pilnīgi adekvātas!" - stāsta Evelīnas K. tētis


Rotas mamma


Dear Diana and the whole wonderful team!
It’s been years we are meeting you each year in the mid of summer in this loving and joyful camp! I thank you so much for giving and taking, sharing and smiling – all the good things of enjoying life and brightening our children and future!

Olafa vecāki


Paldies par aizrautība, enerģiskumu un pozitīvismu izglījot un izklaudējot bērnus! Daudz skaistu atmiņu un jauku iespaidu, ko ņemt līdzi. Uz tikšanos nākamgad!

Bruno vecāki


Pirmā nometne, kurā Bruno gribētos palikt vēl dažas dienas!

Helēnas mamma


Sirsnīgs Paldies par iespēju bērniem atrast sevī to, ko paši (iespējams) neapzinās. Par izaugsmes un pašrealizācijas iespējām.
Lai Dieva svētība Jums visiem, un Enģeļi sargā katru Jūsu soli.

Sadarbības partneru atsauksmes

Darbinieku atsauksmes



“I feel very grateful and lucky that I chose Rīgas 1. Valodu skolas for my Summer Internship. The School director, administrator and teachers were very kind and helpful to me. I am happy that I got a chance to work with this amazing team and learned a lot of new things from my colleagues. Every week we experienced very exciting activities and enjoyed the process altogether. I improved my English language skills and practised teaching by working with wonderful students. Thank the team for this amazing experience!”


North Macedonia

I had the best time of my life at R1VS’s camp. Well behaved and educated children; the beauty of Latvia’s nature, qualified and amazing colleagues made it an unforgettable experience. I really can’t find the words to describe such an awesome place to be.

Heloisa Sa


I had the pleasure of being a part of this amazing project. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all the organizer and staff for making my volunteering experience so fun and enjoyable. This project taught me so much about responsibility and management but it also allowed me to let go and just have fun. I felt so welcomed and was treated like family. I feel very thankful for the whole experience and I’ll forever hold it very close to my heart.

Serhan Eyisan


I don’t know how to describe my feelings and I love it. When you have your best summer of your life it’s not easy to talk about it, you just live it deep inside of you and thankful for this amazing opportunity. I’m richer than anyone else who haven’t engaged with this experience and I enjoy it! Best country, best crew, best kids, best campsite, best ideas, best joy, I love it all!

Nicolas Rousseau



I have participated 3 times at summer camps. Lv. They have been a wonderful human experience. The volunteers participate in a wide range of activities with the children of the camps. The children are never boring, and it is so gratifying to work in an environment where you can connect both having a lot of responsibilities and having so much fun! Also, this is a real chance to spend several weeks in Nordic nature and to discover a bit of Latvia. Finally I would add that the camps were also the place for meaningful, beautiful encounters. I truly had a time of my life there, and would gladly return again!

Omer Kagan Uzun



It was my first experience for working as a volunteer. I didn’t expect people were amazing. They helped me to improve myself about personality, language and social skills. I had great experience and amazing friends. I really feel lucky to participated that camp.



I stayed in summer camp in 2018 summer. It was a life changer for me. I’ve met with great team mates, sweet children and experience majestic Baltic culture. People who want to experience an incredible memories and u love kids, I strongly suggest you consider R1VS (Rīgas 1.valodu skola)

Kieran Elis Richards

Great Britain

I met international friends, I made a good international network, I had a great social time with other staff members, I inspired children and saw what a great impact I made in their lives, I felt satisfied of my own development after the camps, I had a chance to introduce my culture, I had a chance to learn about the culture of the country I visited.



I can say without any doubt that my three weeks in Space Mission Camp ’13 (two in Upites and one in Riga for the day-camp) have been the most interesting and unforgettable period there.  In the camp there is a small group of children participating, so each one is immediately well known and looked after; in this way they created a camp in which there is not just a “group of children”, but there are a lot of single people, each one with his virtues, his weaknesses, his needs. 
I really can say that after only a week, children improved their English and opened their minds to the world; that made me so glad and proud to be there helping them in this important achievement. I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to take part in such great camp, because I felt that we were doing something important for children.



This summer I took part at Rigas 1st Language School’s “Space Mission Camp” as a Volunteer. Meanwhile I was also volunteering at several other camps and I can say for sure that this one had been the best! The time schedule was a perfect mix of education and fun. Everything was really well organized but also flexible enough to integrate the children’s spontaneous ideas and visions. 

From the beginning on I really felt comfortable with such a great, warm-hearted and humorous team. Furthermore I was really happy about them giving me more and more responsibilities concerning the lessons and activities. Summing up everything I think this camp is almost perfect and I can recommend it to everyone!


Zemitāna iela 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

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