Under the supervision of the experienced  instructor, kids will have an opportunity to learn the essentials for paddle boarding.

  • 10 EUR first 20 minutes;
  • 5 EUR additional 20 minutes.

Lessons will be held during the swimming time in the morning or afternoon.


English Tenses by using new “Grammar Village” method, where children, according to their knowledge level, will develop a good understanding of English tenses in an illustrative way. 

Irregular verbs. Children, according to their language level, will learn different forms of the irregular verbs and their usage by playing games and role plays.

Lesson fee:

  • EUR 5:  for one 40 min. lesson;
  • EUR 20:  4x 40 min lessons in each module.

More info about lessons:  Diāna Zepa, camp director: +37127774321.

Experience Story:
“Last year, two eight-year-olds, seeing this lesson and the excitement of other children, called moms and begged – mum please, I want to go to grammar lessons. Mothers, unsure, called the camp, surprised by such a request.

Feedback from Summer Camps 2019:
“When doing homework with my son – learning Past Simple – Irregular verbs, it turned out that he knows and understands almost all the meaning of words in Russian, even though they hadn’t learned them at school. Everything was taught the camp (thanks all the huge tables during the summer and taught the meaning – without the help of the Latvian language. “


Once a week kids will have excursion to horse farm, where they will ride horses and enjoy other activities provided by the farm owners.

Lesson fee: EUR 12



A very popular activity for children – fishing in Lielupe under the guidance of an experienced fisherman. Fishing accessories provided.
Fee 7 EUR.


A professional tennis coach invites participants to apply for introductory tennis lessons. No previous experience required. Equipment is provided.
Fee 10 EUR one 30 min. lesson.

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