How to know if your child is ready for a summer camp?

How to know if your child is ready for the summer camp? And which one to choose: Turquoise camps, where lessons happen only in English, or Amber camps, where lessons happen in English, but with a possibility of translation?

You will find the answer to your questions by answering to the questions below or consulting with the camp’s director by calling +371 27774321.

1.Child is ready for overnight camps, if they:

  1. Are able to make their own bed;
  2. Can look after their own hygiene ;
  3. Are ready to sleep without the usual night time ritual (favourite blanket, bedtime story, hug from parents etc.);
  4. Are ready to follow camp’s daily routine;
  5. Can withstand being around a lot of other children;
  6. Can live without electronic gadgets for a week;
  7. Are able to be without parents for a week;
  8. Are able to adapt to camp’s menu (regarding dietary restrictions, special menu can be provided);
  9. Are able to be without their pet for a week;
  10. Are not too shy to tell the teacher if they are hurting, struggling emotionally or someone is bullying them;
  11. Make their own decision about going to the camp;

If you think that there is a possibility that the child might ask for you to come back and take them home, it is better to opt out of overnight camps. Of course, your child should always feel emotionally and physically well in the camp and if that does not happen, then the child should return to his home environment. However, if the child faces challenges he can overcome, but instead of looking for a solution, decides to run away from it, they learn that there is always the possibility of retreating. If that is the case, it is better to wait before applying to overnight camps.

Always pick a camp that you trust and feel safe leaving your child there. If the parents feel confident and are sure that the camp is right for the child, the child will also mimic parents’ feelings.

Is your child ready for an ENGLISH camp?

Our camp provides two different options- AMBER camp, where lessons happen in English with the help of Latvian, and TURQUOISE camp, where lessons happen only in English. Read more about the difference in the section ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

2. The child is ready for AMBER CAMP if they:

  1. Can write in the mother tongue;
  2. Can wait for the information to be translated; 
  3. Wants to learn English.

AMBER camp is recommended for children who come to our camps for the first time and are not yet confident about their English communication skills.

3. The child is ready for TURQUOISE camps if they:

  1. Have basic knowledge of English 
  2. Can communicate in English using at least the very basic vocabulary 
  3. Can write a little bit in English
  4. Wants to face the challenge of speaking mostly English
  5. Can ask for help or further explanations if the information that they receive is not clear.

TURQUOISE camp is recommended for children who want to improve their conversational skills.

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