where children effortlessly fall in love with the English
language and acquire it, as there are no other options!

How do children acquire the English language?

  • Every year, we choose an English-speaking country for successful English language acquisition. We create this country in the premises of our campsite and invite Erasmus students from around the world to be part of our team.

  • When children cross the borders of the camp, they symbolically arrive in an English-speaking country with its own rules, daily routine, traditions, and even its own currency!
  • The camp staff primarily speaks only English, but for children with little or no prior knowledge, we provide translation and 24/7 support when chosen the Amber level.

  • In this camp, you will hear and learn English while swimming, participating in cooking workshops, learning the camp song, eating ice cream, bouncing on a trampoline, playing tennis, listening to legends, fishing, making friends, and in many other diverse ways this summer!

What is the difference between camps?

“AMBER” overnight camp

  • Lesson language:  English WITH ASSISTANCE.


  • Previous knowledge in English language is not necessary.


  • The activities will be conducted in English, but all the lessons will be translated into Latvian, and participants will receive all the necessary assistance when communicating with the English teacher.
  • During free time, meals and joint events, children from both camps come together and communicate in a language that is comfortable for them.

“TURQUOISE” overnight camp

  • Lesson language: ONLY ENGLISH without assistance.


  • Previous knowledge in English is mandatory: the ability to understand spoken English and communicate in simple sentences.
  • The activities will be conducted only in English.


  • In group activities, there will be only English-speaking teachers, and the main language used will be English only.
  • The easiest task in English will be participating in a presentation about America.
  • The most challenging task will be creating a night trail together with an English-speaking teacher and a small group of children, coming up with a plot, selecting the necessary materials, and so on.
  • It is important to consider the child’s readiness for such a challenge and their willingness to engage in it!

Why we create two different camps?

“AMBER” overnight camp

  • In the “Amber” camp, children are divided into “Red Moon” and “Yellow Arrow” groups.
  • By combining the colors red and yellow, we obtain the beautiful color of amber.
  • Amber carries the sun within itself, providing care, security, and reducing stress – exactly what is needed for those who are still learning the English language.

“TURQUOISE” overnight camp

  • In the “Turquoise” camp, children are divided into “Green Flame” and “Blue Eagle” groups.
  • By combining the colors green and blue, we obtain the beautiful color of turquoise, which holds its special significance.
  • The turquoise gemstone is associated with safe and confident communication, which is also the goal of this camp in the English language.


Office: Zemitāna iela 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

Camp location: Ānes muiža, Jelgavas novads.