The aim of the overnight camps is to improve English by exploring and experiencing America right here in Latvia! It is possible to choose between two levels of English- Amber camps and Turquoise. Read about it more here: ENGLISH

During the camp we will experience AUSTRALIA – getting familiar with natives, geography, nature, culture and history, going on night trails up until midnight and, of course, eating ice-cream and swimming twice a day and welcome guests from the Australia.

Camp dates: 3.07.-9.07.2021. ; 12.07.-18.07.2021. ; 25.07.-31.07.2021.

Arrival to the camp on day 1 will be announced, but the planned time is from 6PM to 7PM.

The Closing event will happen on the 7th (last) day at 12PM

We will also enjoy swimming in the lake near the campsite, enjoy drama classes, will eat ice-cream twice a day, and we will learn how to speak in English a lot, because half of camp staff is only English speakers!

For those who want to make the week even more exciting, there are optional activities for extra cost- SUPing, grammar lessons, drama lessons and horse riding. 

What’s in plan for those who do not want the extra lessons? These children will enjoy different sports activities and workshops.

We want your children to know: I CAN, I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN, I CAN MANAGE THIS!


Zemitāna iela 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

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