top priority in the camp, as only in a secure environment
can a complete learning process and relaxation take place.

About most important - camp leader

Safety guidelines

The entire operation of the camp is based on safety considerations related to children and in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulation No. 981 “Procedure for Organizing and Operating Children’s Camps,” as well as guidelines developed by the Cabinet of Ministers in accordance with Order No. 279 “Amendments to Cabinet Regulation No. 103 of March 12, 2020”“Declaring a State of Emergency.” Read more: HERE.

  1. The camp facilities and accommodations comply with the requirements of the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Health Inspectorate.
  2. The catering in the camp is provided by a registered food service provider in the Food and Veterinary Service.
  3. The physical and emotional safety of the camp participants is overseen by camp leader Diāna Zepa, an experienced camp organizer and educator. A practicing and qualified nurse is present at the camp. An emergency assistance point, which will be informed about the camps, is located near the campsite.
  4. Swimming safety is ensured by the use of life jackets (which are worn at all times regardless of swimming ability) and a lifeguard.
  5. SUP board activities are led by a qualified instructor.
  6. Horseback riding activities are supervised by a riding instructor.
  7. Insurance options: this year, in collaboration with IF Insurance, we offer you a UNIQUE opportunity to insure your child, which includes financial compensation (refund of the camp fee to the respective extent) in cases where the insured person falls ill or has an accident during the camp. An individual Accident Insurance offer that also covers the cancellation of camp participation is available to you HERE.


Before registration

Before proceeding with registration, please clarify the following questions:

  1. Evaluate whether your child is ready to go to camp. Always allow the child to make the choice, as camp is both a wonderful time for growth and a significant challenge. The child will feel confident and ready to overcome difficulties only if they personally choose to attend the specific camp.
  2. Assess whether your child can attend the camp while undergoing a specific course of medication. It is safe for the child to attend the camp if they are capable of managing their own treatment process, obtaining medication from the teacher when needed, and if it does not endanger the health of other children.
  3. Please indicate in the registration form if your child has any health issues and provide any recommendations that the camp staff should be aware of.
    For example, if the child has a dust allergy and should avoid dusty areas, or if the child has a severe reaction to mosquito or bee stings and you know the appropriate actions to take in such cases concerning your child, etc.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the safety and regulations HERE. Also, discuss with your child why compliance with safety rules is crucial.
  5. If you are ready to register, please visit the REGISTRATION page.

While at the camp

  1. By adhering to safety measures, no type of medication (including homeopathic remedies) should be kept with the child.
  2. Upon arrival at the camp, all medications must be handed over to the camp leader, who will store them in a designated secure room. Failing to comply with this rule seriously jeopardizes the safety of the camp, as another child may intentionally or unintentionally use medications belonging to another child.
  3. In cases where a child has experienced an injury or illness, the child will receive appropriate medical care and, based on the level of risk, may be transported to a hospital. In such cases, the camp leader will inform the parents.
  4. If the injury or illness does not pose a risk to other children, the child may continue to participate in the camp. In situations where this is not possible, the child’s parents should take the child home for recovery. If feasible, the recovered child may resume participation in another camp session.
  5. In the summer camps of 2015, “Discovering America 2015,” the US Embassy visited us three times.
    The link to this event on the US Embassy’s Facebook page is HERE .
  6. This means that we are definitely a SAFE camp! 🙂

Children's feedback

Office: Zemitāna iela 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

Camp location: Ānes muiža, Jelgavas novads.