All safety reglaments are connected with Cabinet of Ministers regulations No.981. HERE and with safety regulations No.279. HERE

  1. Camps territory meets the demands set by  State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia and Health Inspection
  2. Food provided by a company which is registered at Food and Veterinary Service
  3. Childrens’ emotional and physical health is monitored by camps’ director Diāna Zepa- director and a teacher with many years of experience. A nurse will also be available, and the nearby hospital has also been informed about the camps.
  4. All swimming lessons are monitored by a teacher and children must wear a life jacket regardless of their swimming skills.
  5. SUP lessons are supervised by a qualified instructor.
  6. Horse riding lessons are supervised by a horse riding teacher.
  7. Camp fee’s insurance can be provided by insurance company IF. Read more: HERE


Before registering think about these questions:

  1. Evaluate if your child is ready for the camp. Always let the child choose if they want to go, as staying in camp is a great opportunity for growth, but also a great challenge. Child will only feel confident and ready to face the challenges if it is their own choice.
  2. Evaluate if your child can attend the camp if they are using certain medication. It is only possible if a child can follow the usage of medication themselves, and find a teacher and ask for it whenever they need it. When registering, please mention if you child has any health issues that should be taken into consideration. For example- dust allergy, bad reaction to wasp or bee stings.
  3. See the health and safety rules: HERE. Please discuss with your child why it is important to follow the rules.
  4. If you are ready to register, go to the page REGISTRATION


  1. According to the health and safety rules, children mustn’t carry any medication (including homeopathic), and upon arrival all medication must be given to the camps’ director who will put it in a secure place. Failure to follow these rules is a threat to camps’ safety, as another child can knowingly or unknowingly take it.
  2. On an occasion where child falls ill or experiences a physical injury, appropriate medical attention will be given and, if necessary the child will be taken to the hospital. If this occurs, the parents will be contacted by the camps’ director. If the illness or injury is minor and is not a threat to anyones’ safety,  the child can continue attending the camp. If it is not possible, the parents must take the child home.

In 2015 (Discovering America 2015) we were visited by the American Embassy in Latvia. Link to this can be found in the US Embassy’s Facebook page HERE. This shows that we definitely are a safe camp! 🙂

OFFICE: Zemitāna iela 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

CAMP LOCATION: Ānes muiža, Jelgavas novads.

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